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So often, the spotlight shines on a select few. The superstar athlete is a household name, but who talks about the sports photographer who captured the winning shot? We talk about the musician who has a world famous music video, but there is little thought about the whole crew who went outside the box to overcome barriers in order to make the video happen. There are so many ways for students to learn the skills to work in their favorite industry in a role they may not traditionally think of.

At Lights Camera Discover, our mission is to develop a sense of pride, self-worth, strength, creativity and appreciation of community in all of our students through performance and digital arts. We are driven to break the cycle of generational poverty by equipping the next generation with the educational foundation and passion to pursue a career in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) fields which have a positive community impact.



We are so proud to offer award-winning programs for students of all backgrounds to learn and build a foundation in filmmaking, animation and performance in such a way which promotes safety, anti-bullying and social awareness. Our incredible students are the visionary and creative geniuses behind all of the art that comes out of Lights Camera Discover.


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